Residential Subdivisions Projects

BHE is Enid’s Residential Subdivision Engineering Firm. BHE has designed numerous Additions in Enid and other Oklahoma cities. Our common sense design approach saves developers on construction costs and maximizes land use. BHE has engineered high end subdivisions with +1 acre lots and workforce housing subdivisions which maximize the land use to allow for middle to lower cost housing. We also provide engineering for apartment complex developments and high density townhouse developments.

Our typical Residential Subdivision projects consist of:

  • Rezoning if necessary
  • Preliminary Plat
  • Roadway Improvements
  • Water Line Improvements
  • Sanitary Sewer Improvements
  • Drainage Studies and Drainage Improvements
  • Final Plat
  • Municipal and State Permitting
  • Construction Estimates

There are currently no projects in this category.